Information systems security

Involve in the management of information security in organisations.
Sub Topic is or (Focus)
The impact of generational differences on information security.
Please prepare Reflective journal after preparing research report , follow research report for making reflective journal
A Reflective Journal describing the ongoing and progressive reporting ideas developed, (approximately 1000 words).
Reflective Journal Assignment help Research Project
You are required to produce a Reflective Journal (approximately 1000 words) that has been ongoing and progressive in terms of reporting ideas developed and other findings for the purposes of the research work.
For this part of the assignment, write up a Reflective Journal of all work relating to your research topic and research idea as you have progressed through on a weekly basis, based on your weekly work/exercises in Part B of your Tutorial-Workshops from weeks 1-10.
• A Reflective Journal is a tool that allows students to reflect on and write about their progress in their learning. They can identify and reflect on success and challenges. Its purpose is:


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o To record the development of your ideas and insights through the weekly exercises
o To reflect on your own learning process
o To analyze and discuss key issues covered by class work and/or readings
• In other words, a Reflective Journal is a personal record of your progress and your developments in thinking about a subject or a topic. Although it’s a more informal style of writing than other academic assignments, you now need to submit it as regular entries developed over a period of time- from week 1 till week 10. Your reflective journal forms the basis of your research report.
• Consider the following when writing a reflective journal:
o Describe events and your experience on weekly basis (weeks 1-10 based on the Tutorial-Workshops Part B) – What did I do/hear/see?
o Interpret and evaluate the events from your perspective – What do I think about it now? How does it relate to other things that I know?
o Explain your experience- reveal your new insights, connections with other learning, your hypotheses, and your conclusions.
o Have I changed how I think about the situation? How have I used these to help organizemywriting?
• Create individual weekly headings to reflect on and add a brief conclusion on the reflections at the end, all as suggested above.
[Adapted from the following sources:Morley-Warner, T. (2000), Academic writing is: A guide to writing in a university context, Centre for Research and Education in the Arts, Sydney.] ** VERY IMPORTANT NOTE **
It is optional that you remain in your group.
As you have already worked with the members of your group in the research proposal, it is now up to you to decide if you should remain with these group members before starting this assignment. If you do remain with your group members for this assignment, then you do so under the condition that any problems that are under your control remain your problems as a group. Therefore, if any group members do not contribute equally, or you have problems completing this assignment, for reasons other than set out in the special consideration guidelines, then all group members will receive the same mark and may fail.
Please consider this thoughtfully, and if you have any doubts that your group may have problems completing the assignment,or you have concerns that some members may not contribute equally, then please discuss this with your lecturer before commencing this assignment in your current group.
Please refer to the following link for special consideration:
Submit an electronic copy of the Research Report along with your Reflective Journal via the Turnitinsubmission link on the course Moodle page. Please refer to the Course Description for information regarding late assignments, extensions, special consideration, and plagiarism. A reminder all academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s website, see:
ITECH5500 Reflective Journal- Marking Rubric
Student Id. Student Name

Category Excellent
4-5 Good
2-3 Poor/Unacceptable
0- 1 Marks
Reflection of learning
Shows great depth of knowledge and learning, reveals understanding and thoughts. Abstract ideas reflected through use of specific details. Relates learning with research and project, personal and general reflections included. Does not go deeply into the reflection of learning. Generalizations and limited insight and uses some detail. Little or no explanation or reflection on learning. No details to support reflection or few details that do not reflect thoughtful consideration or important aspects of own experiences of the research. /5
development of
the Ideas
Demonstrates logical and subtle sequencing of ideas and insights by connecting the student’s experiences to the research work. Transitions are used to enhance organization. Ideas and insights present but not perfected. Demonstrates some understanding of course material, but does not clearly connect the student’s research experiences. Lack of or no development of ideas and insights. No evidence of structure or organization. /5

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Mechanics and Usage No errors in punctuation, capitalization and spelling as well as sentence structure and word usage. Some errors in punctuation, capitalization and spelling as well as in sentence structure and word usage. Numerous and distracting errors in punctuation, capitalization and spelling as well as in sentence structure and word usage. /5
Content All entries are provided containing complete answers to all questions prompts. Entry provides answers to most question prompts for all entries, missing some. Entry significantly misses key question prompts or does not answer important questions and also missing some entries. /5
Conclusion The conclusion is engaging and restates personal learning. The conclusion does not adequately restate the learning. Missing, incomplete and/or unfocused. /5
Total (out of 25)
Scaled (out of 10)
(if any):
Marked by:


Information systems security

Information systems security Involve in the management of information security in organisations. Sub Topic is or (Focus) The impact of generational differences […] read more


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