What are ‘Issues in Financial Accounting’?

Issues in Financial Accounting (ACCT20052) discus the financial accounting while touching the areas of the accounting conceptual framework and relevant accounting standards, a sound knowledge of accounting and the business environment, the accounting cycle for both service and retailing entities, effective accounting information systems and computerized accounting systems, accounting for current and non-current assets and liabilities, and accounting for partnerships.

What are the difficulties faced in ACCT20052 Issues in Financial Accounting in Writing Dissertation Assignment Essay

Importance of this course for Australian students  
By learning Issues in Financial Accounting the students will understand the ideas of applying the use of a computerized accounting system using the MYOB program. The students will also acquire a level of knowledge in about the objectives and principles underlying financial reporting and engage themselves in discussion regarding these subjects.

Common difficulties faced by students or issues in financial accounting

1. Through the course of Issues in Financial Accounting, the students have to prepare classified financial statement, and at the same time they are trained to use them.

2. A student has to demonstrate the ability of understanding and at the same time using the computerized and manual systems of accounting and internal controls.

3. Through this learning course, a student has to survey the critical issues that have been occurring for long or occurred in recent affairs, regarding assets and liabilities of a firm.

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