Assignment Requirements

Your web site proposal and presentation (Assignment 1) was accepted, subject to any feedback you may have received.
As the second stage of the tender process, your company has been asked to develop and present a prototype (a minimal viable product) of your suggested website before a final decision is taken whether to take on your services or not. Assignment help for marketing
1. Use the assigned URL supplied to you by your Course Leader to develop a preliminary prototype of your proposed e-commerce website.
a. REMINDER: Ensure that the prototype is directly and obviously related to the business model/category that was assigned to you. Failure to do so will result in your assignment being rejected and a zero mark awarded.
2. Configure the site with a menu and navigation links to (at the very minimum) the following content pages:
a. Home page (including a company banner and logo, and navigation menu)
b. About page
c. Product/information page/s (include descriptions, prices and images)
d. Company Policies page
i. Returns and refunds
ii. Security
iii. Privacy and confidentiality
e. Contacts page
You will not be required to install WordPress on your computer.
Instead you will be provided access to a pre-installed WordPress development environment provided by via a url link assigned to each student.
Instructions to access your website will be provided on the StudyDesk.
Task 1 will be assessed for completeness and working functionality based on an inspection of your website.

Assignment help for marketing essay

TASK 2: BRIEFING REPORT (essay format) (40 marks)
Prepare and submit a briefing document (about 1000 words) with appropriate numbering, headings and sub-headings on completion of the development of the prototype. Include the following in your briefing document:
1. Identify the URL of the website and your assigned business model/category in the first part of the report.
2. Describe the website structure and the purpose of each element (include snapshots and diagrams where appropriate).
3. List the WordPress components and features you used in the development of the prototype.
4. Describe the components and features you plan to include in the final product (should your company be awarded the contract).
5. Explain any changes you have implemented (or plan to implement) that deviates from your initial proposal and presentation from Assignment 1.
6. List and briefly describe any links and resources that you have used, as well as any that you are likely to use in the building of the fully functional website.


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